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    So, it has finally happened. Gay marriage is now legal across the United States. I know a lot of hard-core conservative folk are now saying that this country is going down the toilet ever since the supreme court decision, but who cares! Nothing they can do now! Besides, this country is going down the toilet whether gays are allowed to marry or not XD

    In all seriousness though, I am very happy about this decision. This is similar to Brown vs. The Board of Education, only with less violence (a LOT less). Homophobia is just silly now. The main reason there are still people who hate gays is because the bible hates them. Now, I don't care what deity or deities you believe in, nor do I care what your spiritual beliefs are, or if you have any for that matter. However, if you're gonna hate gays, at least find a better reason to justify your hatred. The Bible is an old, OLD, book, and the homophobic parts are only in the Old Testament. Back then, it made more sense. People died a lot more frequently and lived shorter, so back then reproduction and procreation were essential. However, we live in a vastly overpopulated world, and scientists have proven that homosexuality is basically natures method of population control. 
    Furthermore, why do people only follow THAT rule of the old testament? The Book of Leviticus may say that you can't sleep with the same sex, but it also says that you can't eat certain seafood and that you can't touch a woman when she's on her period, yet we don't follow those rules anymore. But I digress. 

Also, I still have a lot more codes I can give out. You know the drill: make any offer here in the comments and I'll most likely accept it. 

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I am just a digital artist who is trying his best to be good at art. Succeeding? Not so much.
I am currently 16 and a junior in high school.
Oh, and if you haven't figured it out by now, I am a furry :P


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